Carcross/Tagish First Nation Tourism Code of Conduct

To develop a sustainable tourism economy in the Carcross/Tagish First Nation traditional territory.

To provide guidelines to share the land and culture in a good way.


We recognize the rights of the individual and respect the cultural rights and differences of all members of the community and our guests, treating all people with equality and dignity.

Learning and Sharing
We will share our culture and our land in a good way. We will offer a learning environment to leave all people with the opportunity to be positively impacted from the experience.

We shall treat all people with respect, honesty and candor.

We will be accountable to the people, demonstrate sound business practices, and steadfastly adhere to this code of conduct.

Quality Service
We shall provide the highest quality of service, resolve disputes in a fair and expeditious manner, preserve and build customer and community relationships.

We shall consider all developments with respect to the sustainability of the land, culture, community and business.  We will consider the environmental impact of the activity, its impact on the culture and community without negatively impacting the experience.

We shall work from a broad community-based approach to include people in the area, provide access opportunities to potential operators and work with stakeholders, governments and the public.  


  1. Respect the Culture
  2. Protect the Environment
  3. Enhance Community Benefits
  4. Support Business Development

The guiding spirit of the Code of Conduct is to ensure a sustainable tourism economy that permits quality operators with the ability to develop profitable businesses while respecting the land, water and people. We seek to cause minimal impacts to the wildlife, wilderness, culture and historical sites of the lands of the Carcross/Tagish First Nation. We seek to preserve and protect this special place as it is now for appreciation, enjoyment and enrichment of future generations.

We recognize why visitors come to this place and the experiences they seek in the community and on the land.

We recognize our role as stewards of the land, and our role in the communities of our land to work for local benefit and growth.

We recognize our role in ensuring the development of an environment that permits business to develop and prosper. 

We recognize the challenges of balancing an economic agenda with cultural integrity, sound environmental management and community well-being.

Our visitors and many of our operators are guests in the community’s backyard and are treated as our honoured guests. Our guests also understand they must behave in a certain way within our culture and our land. Our Code of Conduct will help our guests understand expected behavior, how to gift our community from their visit and how we will gift them as our honoured guest.

The Code of Conduct is an essential tool for sound management of tourism development that balances our economic agenda with social development, cultural preservation and environmental protection. It guides and regulates our own commercial operations and those permitted to operate on our land. The Code of Conduct is part of the process for consultation and accommodation.

The Code of Conduct will inform, educate and involve all partners, operators and guests who seek to protect in perpetuity, the opportunity for, and the quality of, the exceptional experiences found in this land. 

The Code of Conduct is intended to apply in whole or in part to tourism operators, our partners and our operations depending on the nature of the business.

C/TFN  accredits companies and tour products by applying the requirements of the Code of Conduct. Through an assessment process, review of criteria annually and audits of operators, our assessment process will set the standard for authentic and professional tourism experience in our traditional territory.

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