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Moving Forward … Implementing the Plan

The Carcross Downtown Core Plan is the foundation work. It allows for appropriate types of developments and activities to create a place for Carcross people and visitors alike. Creating this place will take a significant amount of work but the following is a list of projects that will provide some of the key building blocks.

CSIF Projects (to be completed 2008 or 2009)

  • Public Dock/Boat Launch ($ 190,000)
  • “Carving Facility” ($ 20,000)
  • Welcome Sign ($ 50,000)
  • Road Works ($ 610,000)

Potential Capital Projects (Non-CSIF)

Base Infrastructure (Design Work to begin Winter 2008)

  • Road Works
    • Realignment of Carcross Road
    • First & Main St Triangle
    • Waterfront Access Road? or Hwy Access?
    • Bus Turnaround
    • Parking areas
  • Pedestrian ways
    • Waterfront walkway
    • Connectors and crossings
    • Main Street Pedestrian Mall
    • Way finding signs

Green Space & Landscaping

  • “Heritage Park” (Design underway)
  • “Tutshi Memorial” Park
  • Master Plan of area

Information, Storyboard signage (underway)

CTFN Retail Space – Skookum Jim’s House and other

Pavilion Design and Construction in “Community Commons” area

Permanent Washrooms (future)

Planning and “Process” Projects

  • Tutshi Memorial (Process + Development)
  • Development of Historic Development Guidelines
  • Business Model for temporary retail zone
  • Development plan of the permanent retail zone (future)

All of these projects will require community input. How would you like to get involved?

  • Historical Guidelines
  • Business Model development
  • Tutshi Memorial Design
  • Welcome Sign design
  • Public Market Place
  • Other?

With the large influx of visitors accompanying the return of the train to Carcross and different infrastructure projects planned for the community, the Department of Community Services is leading a planning exercise for the downtown core of Carcross to address interests in the area so that construction and other land use may proceed in 2008.

Beginning in July 2007, Yukon government and partners will be working to develop a plan for downtown Carcross.

The planning process will help to foster a lively, safe, and welcoming downtown core for visitors and locals alike.

Specifically, the plan will…

  • Confirm locations and help define the scope for the remaining Canadian Strategic Infrastructure Fund (CSIF) projects, including the carving facility, entrance signage, docks, and road work
  • Address pedestrian and traffic safety and flow challenges
  • Foster a community vision for downtown Carcross

A Working Group has been formed, and includes representatives from Carcross Tagish First Nation, the South Klondike Local Advisory Council, White Pass & Yukon Route, and the Yukon government.

The end goal is to capture the community’s vision for downtown Carcross and to enable future development and land use that benefits the community, encompasses local values, and serves local people and visitors alike.

Be involved in the future of downtown Carcross! Stay tuned to this site for more information.

For more information, please contact
Laura Prentice, Project Manager,
Community Infrastructure.
Tel: 867-667-5194.