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Meet the Working Group & Planning Team

The Carcross Downtown Core Plan is being facilitated by a Working Group that includes representatives of Yukon Government, Carcross Tagish First Nation, South Klondike Local Advisory Council, White Pass & Yukon Route, and planning consultants.

Working Group Provides Advice to Planning Team

The Working Group provides advice to the planning team and is responsible for disseminating project information to residents and their respective organizations or groups. The Working Group advises on all draft plans and helps to provide direction to the Planning Team.

The Planning Team Carries out the Work to Define the Plan

The Planning Team carries out the work to complete the plan. The Planning Team is headed by the Project Manager who leads the project, provides direction to the consultants and contractors, works to build consensus on options or plans with the Working Group, manages all financial aspects of the project and seeks approval for the plan. The Planning Team is also responsible for coordinating schedules, chairing the working group meetings, providing a record of all discussions, and carrying out all other aspects of the project.

Working Group Members:

Yukon Government

  • Laura Prentice, Project Manager, Community Infrastructure
  • Matt King, Community Advisor; Ed Krahn, Special Projects Heritage Advisor

Carcross Tagish First Nation

  • Nelson Lapine, Manager Capital Projects

South Klondike Local Advisory Council

  • Linda Pringle, Chair

White Pass & Yukon Route

  • Michael Brandt, VP Marketing & Planning

Planning Team:

  • Laura Prentice, Project Manager, Community Infrastructure
  • Catherine Jacobsen, Lead Planner, Environmental Dynamics Inc. (EDI)
  • Quest Engineering - base map survey
  • UMA Engineering Ltd. - transportation (vehicle, pedestrian & rail) consultant